• VALHALLA - Loss of benediction

    Tape 9 tracks demo

    Cloned tape
    Folk black metal
    Self. 1997

    € 3,00


  • GRIM MONOLITH/ROVINA - Memento mori

    Tape 4 tracks. Split
    limited 33 handnumbered
    Pro cover+ sticker stamp tape
    Black metal
    Imperialismo pagano 2009

    € 5,00


  • TUNDRA - Primordial

    Tape 8 tracks
    Re-release of cd version with different vocals and mix
    Sticker stamp, Pro cover handnumb. 300 copies
    Black metal
    War productions 2008

    € 4,00



Horned, winged and grim



The 2017th year era vulgaris has been closed with the announcement
by Fistbang Records,the 31rst of december, that a split cd with
Darkness and Oltretomba will be out on january 2018.



" Horned, winged and grim" contains 5 unreleased tracks recorded between 2014 and 1015 plus 4 bonus tracks. 8 pages booklet with cover carved by M. (Darkness) with knife directly on black paper.