• VENEROR - Nightwandering...

    Tape 3 tracks
    Pro cover, cloned tape with sticker labels
    Black metal
    Black Tears of Death 2011

    € 5,00


  • KUTURLAT - Necroritual

    CD 11 tracks

    Black metal
    Mondongo canibale 2005

    € 8,00

  • SKOLL - Misty woods

    Tape 9 tracks
    limited edition 300 copies re-release
    Pro cover, stiker stamp
    Werewolf promotion 2011

    € 5,00



Ritualia Stramonium


Here it is, a special entry for our catalogue: the sixth full album from Abhor,
second one released from Moribund Records. 




Ritualia Stramonium is an esoteric opera, studied and conceived for the love of the Horned One, summoning and epitomizing the uttermost principles of aristocratic witchcraft, according to the highest law of the temple of the Vinum Sabbati, the archpriest of the old serpent, the cardinal of the Great Fiery Red Dragon and the congregation of the fullmoon...



Here is their official videoclip we produced to present this esoteric,
hypnotical, black metal opus: